TE3: Entrepreneurship, Education, Enlightenment

TalTech Alliance invites you to attend TechExpo 2014 “TE3: Entrepreneurship, Education, Enlightenment,” to be held on May 8 at the Florida State University Turnbull Center in Tallahassee, Florida. TechExpo is the only annual technology conference in Tallahassee dedicated to bringing the techie community new industry developments, time and money-saving techniques and tools to optimize your organization’s productivity and profitability. This is your opportunity to network with other technology-based business leaders and interact with our knowledgeable speakers and exhibitors. Whether you are already a business leader, want to start your own business, or you’re in college; TechExpo 2014 will guide you through your journey to enlightenment with various tech-centered topics ranging from entrepreneurship to education. We encourage you to register early. Space is limited.

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